Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit

We proudly present you our project which is the result of over three years of work spent researching, selecting and tasting “Italy Small Vineyards”.

Since the beginning of 2008 we visited over 500 producers, tasted and judged over 3000 different wines. We based our entire work on the research of quality.

Our aim was to discover wine-makers that produce “real” Italian wine and that follow the same philosophy: achieve the best quality result that the Italian terroir can give through the vineyards.

Our intent is to offer a wide range of products that represent the best that the diverse Italian terroir can supply. We divided our wine list by regions and production areas since many identical types of grape can give a completely different outcome if they are produced in different areas.

One of the benchmarks of our work/research is the focus that we stressed on the discovery of the Italian “autochthonous” grapes. Of the hundreds we came across during the last three years, we selected about one hundred types. Basing on quality and uniqueness of such products, we will introduce for the first time in Asian soil some types of grape that nowadays only a few dozens of plants in the world still bear.

Our work has been a mission driven by the great passion that our entire team has towards “real” wine. The result is a wine list that involves over 200 Italian wine-makers and over 2000 different labels, as well as a food list with all the Italian DOP, IGP and Slow Food presidia.

To cope with the logistics issues that such a challenging project may have caused to both customers and suppliers, we added to our organizations a logistic center based in Lucca, Tuscany, which functions as both distribution center to all other Italian regions and countries abroad, and wine shop open to the public customers. This is our new “home”.

Our ambitious project aims to develop in many countries abroad. During November 2011 we will start distributing in Hong Kong, which we are familiar with since the 1970s, and which is where our first “home” was established. It will be through the Hong Kong base that “Italy Small Vineyards” will serve the same Hong Kong as well as the rest of the Asian countries.

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