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Mario Caramella

Guest Master Chef

Forlino Restaurant,

Chef Patron of Forlino Restaurnat (Singapore). He has been a forerunner of genuine quality Italian Cuisine in Asia. With over 30 years of culinary experience as head of several award-winning Italian restaurants in Asia like the Mistral and Grissini in Hong Kong and lately the Bali Sanur Hyatt Hotel (Indonesia), where he has honed his signature style of cuisine marrying classical Italian flavors and ingredients with contemporary presentation and cooking techniques. Or as he puts it: "My style is contemporary but I retain authenticity". He´s the President of GVCI (Gruppo Virtuale Cuochi Italiani - Virtual Group of Italian Chefs).

Luca Collami

Guest Master Chef

Baldin Restaurant,
Genova Sestri

Luca Collami loves to define himself as a self made chef, a "chef fatto in casa" His philosophy is based in instinct: great creativity, respect of the traditions and, at the same time, an awareness of the new and upcoming. His recipe of instinct and innovation is never static or repetitive. He works side by side with wife and partner Barbara Pisano with whom he shares the parenthood of 3 and the passion for cuisine and wine. Chef Collami loves to stay in touch with clients and gourmands as a way of picking up impressions and feedback. Luca Collami is a member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe Association.

Domenico Crolla

Guest Master Chef

Bella Napoli,
Glasgow (UK)

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Domenico learnt much of his craft from his father, Alfredo, an immigrant from Italy and one of the pioneers of Italian cuisine in the region. Domenico, in his career, has been an untiring promoter of Italian cuisine in the United Kingdom. His restaurant, Bella Napoli, has above and beyond anything else become a Mecca for high quality Italian pizza and he himself a highly esteemed expert in the craft. His experience in pizza is appreciated also at an international level when he is invited to take part in competition juries.

Francesca D'Orazio Buonerba

Guest Master Chef


She´s lived in the Far East for over 8 years and in New York for 3 years before returning to Italy, and Singapore was where she began teaching cooking classes. Success came gradually by working with companies in the food business, with the media and with organizations. Her first book, written in English, was "Pasta in a Wok” (2004). Today she lives in Milan where she writes about food and entertaining. She teaches cooking classes for all ages (including children) both in Italy and abroad spreading her innate passion for her homeland. She´s also a culinary art consultant, a freelance contributor for the Italian food magazine, La Cucina Italiana, and collaborates with important websites that are dedicated to food and cooking ( and

Pietro Rongoni

Guest Master Chef

Aromi Italiani,

In Moscow, his name is synonymous of quality traditional Italian Cuisine. The Milan born chef has taught his culinary secrets to the Russians and he has formed a mob of talented young chefs who are now cooking everywhere in Moscow and Russia at large which makes him very proud. He´s an orthodox of Italian Cuisine and is against shortcuts and counterfeiting. Now after more than 11 years in Moscow and longer in the kitchen Pietro says: “his spirit and will” are the same as when he started and a proof of that is his restaurant: “Italian Aromas”.

Marco Sacco

Guest Master Chef

Piccolo Lago Restaurant, Mergozzo,
Beijing (China)

Stelle del PiemonteMarco Sacco was destined to become one of the most prominent chefs on the international culinary scene. His parents, Bruna and Gastone Sacco, opened their first restaurant, Il Torchio, the same month he was born. In 1972 they gave it up and opened, in 1974, Piccolo Lago, a new restaurant in Verbania, on Lake Mergozzo. Marco went into the kitchen right away, first for fun, then to learn and later to work. He became apprentice under some of Europe’s most influential chefs, acquiring top-notch professional know-how. Marco worked next to his father at Piccolo Lago, doing his own research and defining his identity as a chef in his own right. A characteristic openness to innovation and change attracted the attention of the culinary world to this talented emerging chef. In 2004 Piccolo Lago was awarded its first Michelin star, and only three years later, its second. His kitchen, while designed for food preparation, it also conveys the drive, harmony and deep satisfaction that the cook derives from offering his diners a perfect balance between quality, beauty and taste.

Sergio Vineis

Guest Master Chef

Il Patio, Pollone (Biella)

Stelle del PiemonteBorn in Biella and Chef Patron of the Ristorante Il Patio, which holds one Michelin star, located in that same province. After finishing his technical studies and a brief experience in the university, Chef Vineis catches what he calls his “disease”: cooking. From that moment on, he begins his education in his own restaurant. His cuisine is mediterranean, creative and from the terroir. A cuisine with a lot of personality.


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