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Hong Kong Went Crazy for Risotto!

Hong Kong Risotto Contest Winner: Eyck Zimmer (left) and Claudio Dieli (right) who earned a very close second place

Risotto is the most emblematic dish of contemporary Italian Cuisine in the world. For this reason, the Summit dedicated several events exclusively to Risotto. It was an exciting celebration of a dish that, with its countless variations, is a universal messenger of Italian culinary traditions and lifestyle. The Risotto World Summit aims at reaffirming the history of this dish, its indisputable Italian roots, the reasons for its success around the world. Above all, however, the Summit showcased some of the most delicious risottos in the world.

The Risotto World Summit in Hong Kong will included this delightful dish in the Summit´s Official Opening Gala Dinner as well as in the Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Gala Dinner, in the culinary demonstrations and tastings conducted by Guest Master Chef & Risotto Specialist Pietro Rongoni, Wine and Risotto Master classes, and, last but not least, Hong Kong hosted a Risotto Contest at Towngas Cooking Centre. The finals took place on November 4 and the winner was Chef Eyck Zimmer, Chef de Cuisine at the Derby Restaurant and Bar. Chef Claudio Dieli from Hong Kong Jockey Club came in second in what the judges said to be a very close final.

Chef Zimmer earned the opportunity to live the Collio Experience which consists on a 4 day stay, all inclusive in this captivating and rich wine Italian region and all contestant received a selection of the wines that sponsored the event.

Hong Kong Risotto Contest Finals


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