Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit

The Summit is grateful to Hong Kong and its people

“They have been wonderful and we thank them very much”, said Rosario Scarpato, Italian Cuisine Asia Summit´s director, talking about the thousands of Hong Kong people who enthusiastically patronized the restaurants promoting the Summit from October 20th to 25th. Together with Paolo Monti, Executive Chef of Gaia Restaurant and Culinary Supervisor of the Summit, and Rio de Janeiro based Elena Ruocco, coordinator of the culinary operation, Rosario Scarpato thanked also the hosting and guest chefs and the sponsors and supporters. Here a galery of different classes and events in which the people of HK took part and there has been a lot of fun as well!





Marco Sacco's Cooking Class


Puglia Region at the Summit




Backstage: the Grissini Gala Dinner


The organizers