Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit

Restaurants, Chefs and mouth-watering dishes

Ten top restaurants involved, thirty five chefs at work, dozens of dishes and thousands of pleased customers: the Summit has been a festival of flavours, as well as a moment to learn something new about Italian cuisine and wine. Here the photo galleries with some of the memorable moments of this celebration. Picture left: Giacomo Gallina, Executive Chef of Dolce & Gabbana Gold Restaurant, Milan, & Master guest chef at Sabatini Restaurant.


Grissini Restaurant - Grand Hyatt Hotel

The Grissini restaurant played a special role during the Summit, since it was celebration of its 20th birthday as well. The Opening Gala of the Summit was hosted there, on October 20th, with a dinner cooked by three former chefs who joined Marco Torre, the current chef. Among them was Gabriele Colombo, the chef who opened the Grissini in 1989. For the occasion he cooked one of the most sought after dishes of that time, the roasted Guinea fowl filled with sausage, hazelnut and green apple, celery root cake, green beans, Passito wine and pomegranate jus. The nigh after, one of most famous Italian contemporary chefs, Massimo Bottura – accompanied by his two assistants Davide Di Fabio and Enrico Vignoli, cooked an exciting dinner deeply intertwined with quality ingredients he brought specialy from Italy, more specifically, from his own region: Emilia Romagna.



Angelini Restaurant


Gaia Restaurant


Isola Restaurant


Joia Restaurant


Osteria Restaurant - Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel

An Osteria is a very typical concept of Italian Restaurant. Italian Cuisine is rooted in these kinds of places: often family run, inexpensive, with a short menu based on what is seasonal, bulk homemade wine, osterias were also the town´s meeting points in small communities. For the Summit, Guest Master Chef Vincenzo Pezzilli prepared a menu based on traditional dishes of Roman osterias.


Sabatini Restaurant - Royal Garden Hotel


Spasso Restaurant


The Mistral - Grand Stanford Intercontinental Hotel


Va Bene Restaurant - Grand Truffle Salute


Italian Cuisine Asia Summit Awards

During the Summit´s Gala Night at Grissini restaurant four distinguished individuals, who gave a key contribution to the spread and preservation of authentic and quality Italian Cuisine in Hong Kong and Asia in the last twenty years, received the Italian Cuisine Asia Summit awards. They were Mr Peter Lam, a renowned movie producer and prominent Hong Kong businessman, for his love of Italian food, wine and lifestyle. Mr Lam owned and still owes various hospitality establishments in which Italian Cuisine plays a prominent role. The other Awards went to: 1. Chef Umberto Bombana, a legendary figure in Hong Kong, known for his long tenure of the Toscana Restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and for his relentless mission to educate the Asian palate to quality Italian cuisine and ingredients, and truffles in particular; 2. Chef Gabriele Colombo, who opened the Grissini restaurant in 1989 and contributed to change the history of Italian Cuisine abroad; 3. Mr Pino Piano, currently one of the Directors of the Gaia Group of Restaurants, who 18 years ago opened Va bene, the first quality Italian Restaurant outside a Hotel. Since then Pino has become the symbol of Italian style and elegance in the Management of a Restaurant.