Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit

Food, wine and lifestyle: Hong Kong hosts the Asian Summit of Italian Cuisine

CHEFS HOSTING THE SUMMIT (from left to right):
Michele Camolei (OSTERIA), Claudio Dieli (THE MISTRAL), Vittorio Lucariello (ANGELINI),
Giandomenico Caprioli (ISOLA), Luca Signoretti (SABATINI), Paolo Federici (VA BENE),
Marco Avitabile (Director of Culinary Operations for Hyatt Hotels in Asia), Alessandro Angelini (JOIA),
Michele Senigaglia (SPASSO), Andrea Oreste Delzanno (GAIA), Paolo Monti (GAIA)


An impressive showcase of talents, flavours and products, is scheduled to start on 20th October, for the Italian Cuisine Asia Summit. Fifteen top Italian master chefs from Italy and from some major Asian cities, many of them Michelin-starred, will be hosted by the best Italian restaurants in town. They will prepare special lunches and dinners, run master cooking classes and host product tastings. (click here for the complete program) “It’s something unprecedented for Hong Kong,” says Paolo Monti, executive chef at Gaia Ristorante, one of the event promoters. The Summit celebrates two decades of the arrival of Italian cuisine of excellence in Hong Kong and Asia. Twenty years ago, the first high quality Italian Restaurant opened in Hong Kong, the Grissini, in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Wan Chai. It was the beginning of an era for the whole of Asia, where soon qualified Italian chefs began to arrive along with the best of Italian products. Since then, Italian cuisine has become the most beloved cuisine in Asia only after the local ones, and Hong Kong the gateway for quality foodstuffs and wines coming from Italy. The Italian Minister of Agriculture, Luca Zaia, issued a declaration praising the Summit organizers and said: “My wish is that the Summit stimulates the interest of Asian consumers for our food and the places where we produce it”

Massimo Bottura
Massimo Bottura will cook a special
dinner at Grissini - Grand Hyatt

Among the talented master chefs coming to Hong Kong will be the trendsetter Massimo Bottura, guest master chef at Grissini Restaurant (Grand Hyatt Hotel), likely the most relevant figure in the new generation of Italian Chefs: Bottura’s restaurant, La Francescana, in Modena, Emilia Romagna, Italy, not far from Ferrari's headquarters, is the first Italian one in the World’s Best 50 Restaurants at number 13. Bottura boasts two Michelin stars too, as do another Italian guest master chefs to the Summit: Marco Sacco of Piccolo Lago (Mergozzo, Piedmont, Italy) who will be guest master chef at Va Bene Restaurant. Furthermore, Michelin-starred chefs Giovanni Grasso of La Credenza (Turin, Piedmont Italy) will be at Gaia Restaurant while Ivan Musoni of Ca Vegia (Pavia, Lombardy) will be guest master chef at Angelini Restaurant in the Shangri La Hotel. Some other very prestigious chefs to participate in the Summit include Giacomo Gallina (Dolce&Gabbana’s Gold, Milan, Lombardy), who during his career has left his valuable mark around the world and will be guest master chef at Sabatini in the Royal Garden Hotel, Antonio De Rosa and Domenico Maggi, both bringing to Hong Kong the distinctive flavours of the Puglia, the Southern Italian region famous for its wines, olive oils and many other delicious typical products.

Mario Caramella & Carlo Speranza former chef and manager of Grissini, Grand Hyatt Hotel
Mario Caramella & Carlo Speranza
former chef and manager of
Grissini, Grand Hyatt Hotel

From other Asian countries will come two talented former chefs of the Grissini Restaurant, Mario Caramella (Bali, Indonesia) and Gabriele Colombo (Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands), who will be joined by Marco Avitabile, director of culinary operations for Hyatt Hotels in Asia, and Marco Torre, to prepare the Summit Gala Dinner at Grissini, Grand Hyatt Hotel. During the Dinner the Italian Cuisine Asia Summit will award those personalities who have made a significant contribution to the appreciation of quality and authentic Italian Cuisine, food, wine, and lifestyle in Hong Hong and Asia in the last twenty years. Among them there will be Mr Peter Lam, the chairman of the Hong Kong Chamber of Films.

Mino Maggi
Mino Maggi is one of the chefs from Puglia
Region who will cook at the Summit

Other great Italian chefs will be in Hong Kong for the Summit, including Gianni Favro, chef patron of Gianni´s Restaurant in Bangkok (Thailand), Andrea Tranchero, executive chef of Ristorante Armani, Tokyo (Japan), and Vincenzo Pezzilli, executive chef of Piazza Italia, Beijing (China), who will be guest master chefs respectively at Joia, Spasso Restaurant and Osteria in the Golden Mile Hotel. Among the chefs coming to Hong Kong there will be Matteo Scibilia as well, of Osteria della Buona Condotta (Ornago, Milan, Lombardy), counsellor of the Italian minister of culture for all the issues related to Italian cuisine, who will cook on October 21 at The Mistral Restaurant.
Resstaurant. The summit is organized by GVCI (Virtual Group of Italian Chefs) is the most vital of all the associations of chefs and culinary professionals working for Italian cuisine and wine abroad. GVCI President, Mario Caramella,
who worked in Hong Kong for a long time, was among the pioneers of quality Italian cuisine in Asia and will be one of the protagonists of the Summit.

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