Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit

King Truffle and the Magnificent Flavours of Piemonte. Opening Gala Dinner




Italian Cuisine World Summit

The ICWS 2010 was opened with an unforgettable Gala Dinner at the Kowloon Shangri La Hotel, with the menu signed by great Italian chefs of the Stelle del Piemonte (the Star of Piedmont) Group. Organised in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong, the dinner was themed upon “King Truffle and the Magnificent Flavours of the Piedmont.” At the stoves of the Shangri La were the Michelin-starred Pier Bussetti, Giovanni Grasso, Igor Macchia, Marco Sacco and Sergio Vineis. The menu, printed on the indeed valuable paper of the Cartiere Fedrigoni, in an intelligent as well as elegant manner of reflecting the great oenogastronomic excellences of the Piedmont, starting with the white truffles of San Damiano d’Asti and, what is more, with ones from the farm of the trifolao (truffle hunter), Franco Canta. And there were also the cheeses of D’Alessandra brought expressedly by the Master Cheese maker Giancarlo Caratti, the rice of Principato di Lucedio, the coffee of Lavazza and the great wines of Gianni Gagliardo, Batasiolo and Orsolani. The dinner was prepared with other ingredients provided by some of the main sponsors of the Summit: Grana Padano di taglio sartoriale (tailor-made), used by Pier Bussetti in his risotto, the garganelli pasta of Orochef Barilla, the mineral waters Ferrarelle and Natia and the extra virgin oils of Terre del Sole.

Starting with the chefs and restaurateurs who promoted the Summit were present at the Gala Sinner the more than 210 main businesspeople in Italian oenogastronomy in Hong Kong. Thus, the participants were able, on one hand, to meet directly the producers and the partner organisations of the Summit, and on the other, the host chefs together with the guest chefs who had come from abroad. At the dinner were also present the General Consul of Hong Kong, Alessandra Schiavo, the Italian Trade Commissioner Romano Baruzzi, Manuele Bosetti, General Manager of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Stevie Kim, the representative of Vinitaly Verona, the most prestigious Italian wine fair. Furthermore, amongst the diners were numerous exponents of the local community and press, as for instance, Susan Jung, the prestigious oenogastronomic critic of the South China Morning Post.

At the end of the dinner, Rosario Scarpato, the Summit Director, invited Franco Canta to tell of his life as a trifolao (truffle hunter) at San Damiano d’Asti and there was a video hook-up precisely with that Piedmont town where the preparations for the famous Regional Festival of the White Truffle were being handled. Finally Mario Caramella, president of the GVCI, took the word and spoke of the ten years of the Group and invited all those present to a celebration toast with the Barolo Serre 2006 that Gianni Gagliardo had made available in a Double Magnum special edition, limited specifically to the occasion of the ten years of the GVCI. During the celebration, a corner was also dedicated to the world pre-premiere of Alfredo, a cartoon of a friendly Italian chef and to his real-life alter ego, Chef Franco Luise, who fights against the worldwide faking of Italian cooking.



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