Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit

The Summit in the Restaurants / The Industry Workshop at Joia

Italian Cuisine World Summit

From the 3rd November on, the Summit, with its chefs and their special menus, moved to the restaurants that were promoting it: fourteen in Hong Kong, one in Macau and one in Shenzhen. More than anything else, that is what the Summit is all about: bringing the Italian cuisine of the great Italian guest chefs onto the plates of thousands of the clients of the best Italian restaurants of Hong Kong, and at the same time offering the possibility to talented host chefs to get together, face to face, with their guest Master chefs to exchange information, experiences, to contribute to raise the quality and the variety of their proposals of Italian cuisine. But before the Guest Master Chefs started cooking, there was another important moment of the Summit: The Industry Workshop which was held at the Joia restaurant and in beautiful square in front of it. The Workshop, organised in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong, is already one of the Summit’s traditional appointments; it places local businesspeople of the food, wine and hospitality industry in direct contact with the products of the sponsors of the event. The objectives of the Industry Workshop were defined by Rosario Scarpato and Mario Caramella in their introduction to the exhibition, which also received a greeting from Dr. Romano Baruzzi, Italian Trade Commissioner to Hong Kong and Macau. Vinicio Eminenti, an importer of wines to China and delegate to the Academy of Italian Cuisine of this part of the world, extended the GVCI and its president, Mario Caramella, an acknowledgement for their promotional role in Italian cuisine.


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